Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wedding + Cookbook = All my time.

Clearly, I have neglected to post for quite a while now... but for very good reason(s).

a) As of March 1, I am engaged! And while this is by far the happiest thing that has ever happened to me, it is also the biggest time (and money) suck I have ever come across. Wedding planning is no joke. From the dress, to the linens, to the flowers, to the invitations... it requires tons of time and attention to detail. I will say though, it's so fun. Every aspect of it is just so visually pleasing. It's like shopping for the sparkliest and prettiest dream of a party you'll ever throw. I used to be the biggest wedding skeptic and now my friends make fun of me for being pretty much the opposite. I'll say it. I'm wedding obsessed. In fact, my treats have come along with me for the ride...

the bride and groom
no bakem is born...
Instead of changing the flavor of my treats, I am now focusing on adjusting their look and catering to all sorts of parties (birthday, fashion, launch, theme, kids) and of course all things wedding and nesting (bridal and baby showers, engagement parties and of course, weddings). Now No Bakems will serve as both dessert and an accessory to whatever jam you are throwing. And while I absolutely love the decorating venture, I am still definitely addicted to experimenting and coming up with No Bake flavors and recipes. Happily, I have the perfect outlet for this still flourishing hobby... which brings us to time sucka deux...

My living room floor
doubles as my office...
b) I am writing a cookbook! Yes, a real-life, hold in your hands, pretty pictures throughout, dog ear-the-ish-out-of-it cookbook! Grand Central Life & Style has granted me the amazing opportunity of publishing No Bake Makery, the cookbook--scheduled to release in June 2013! With authors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Randy Fenoli on their list, I am pretty certain I am in the best, most inspiring company ever.

So, what's the cookbook process like, you ask? Well, short story: no sleep. Long story: Recipe writing, testing, rewriting, retesting, choosing photo props, photos, photos, photos, more props, more testing, writing, rewriting, writing, retesting, more photos, more testing, eating, eating, testing, rewriting, ok I'll stop.

 My Fianceopher
(best fiance and photographer ever)
Many of these end up in the trash.

Cutie props for photo shoot
(sadly, all rented)
Pretty paper for backdrops/
My future gift wrapping paper