Friday, September 21, 2012

In Good Company

My little no bakems were recently present at one of my favorite days ever ever ever. One of my childhood besties, Christina, got married in the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina on September 1. I was so honored to be a bridesmaid and so thrilled for my wedding treats to be a part of her dessert spread. I knew everything would be picture perfect so I tried my best to make the treats just right. I brought a big bag of them on the plane with me as my carry-on--you could have sworn I was carrying a newborn baby with me. The wedding, as I anticipated, was drop-dead friggin gorgeous, very emotional and Here are some deets:

Venue: Claxton Farms: a perfect farmhouse sitting on a huge, gorgeous lawn with breathtaking mountain views.

Ceremony: Magical: Literally. I mean, there was a rainbow. The bride and Groom got married standing in a pile of white rose petals on the lawn. There must have been something in the air because they had the guests and bridesmaids (Lorelle) sobbing.

Reception perfection: Beer on tap (!), Indie rock band, great food, funny dancing, awesome photo booth, happy happy times.

Decor: Shabby-chic: Gorgeous flowers in beautiful varied vases with some quirky trinkets, burlap accents and lantern lighting.

Best part: The company :)

The no bake treats were also in fantastic company--they were part of an amazing dessert table that was intricately decorated with vintage suitcases, wooden boxes and a funky bedspring/flowery backdrop. Responsible for this fabulous set up was the awesome team at Colleen's Confections: They also made the rest of the treats for the table. The mini pies and trifles made awesome buddies to my chocolate pretzel (groom) and peanut butter cup (bride) truffles. I'm happy to report that I heard a lot of "yums" buzzing around the table.

All in all, it was the most perfect fete for love and sweets.