Monday, February 4, 2013

The cookbook cover is final... and it's the cutest.

The cover of my cookbook is finally final and I couldn't be happier. 

This little baby has gone through a pretty extensive evolution. We started out with a totally different look--multiple treat photos surrounding a bubblier title. That wasn't quite right so we moved onto a single photo of truffles and key lime pies sitting on a white cake stand. This was cute but needed a little more edge.

Eventually, we decided another shoot was in order that involved better props (cue chalkboard jar) and cuter treats (time for white chocolate heart toppers in mini pink pies). With the help of a couple awesome people and Roberta's pizza we got the photo just right. Then we added some loopy, sweet fonts to seal the deal. Initially, this photo was set against a purple background. At that point we were very close, but a little too holiday, so no cigar. We swapped out the purple for a happy, soft blue and added Erica Domeseck's (P.S. I Made This) sweet and flattering quote, which made it pretty much perfect...

Hope you all love it!

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