Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Now stop. Trailer time!

Soooo as you know, I have this little book thang going on. May 7 is the date. And don't you forget it! ...Anyway, as the process got rolling and it was time to think of marketing and publicity, I started to dream up my perfect book video...

Being in the book biz myself, I've seen a lot of book trailers. Some that are super awesome, some that look like star wars commercials and others that are mega boring. I knew it needed to be cute, short, sweet and real. Nothing too formal or uptight. Simply and weirdly put: I just wanted it to be like "Hi, nice to meet you! This is what this is. Hope you like it!" I called on my dear friend and oh-so-talented producer, Andrew Oshan and he was able to accomplish just that. And more.


P.S. Every time I watch this I sweat profusely so please tell me I look great and don't sound like a 6 year old. Thanks.

P.P.S. I realize the thumbnail for this video implies that it is a whistling commercial.


  1. You change the thumbnail on Youtube. Sign in, go to your profile, top right video manager and pick your thumbnail...done!!!

  2. This is a really good video!

  3. Way to go honey!!! You're A+ Numero Uno in my book!