Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Rachael Ray Show . . . omygoodness

So, today I did the coolest thing ever ever ever. I taped a segment for the Rachael Ray Show for No Bake Makery. It was the scariest/most wonderful experience I could have ever imagined. Every single person I met that works on the show, from Rachael Ray and the producers to the hair/makeup people and food stylists, are the sweetest. I am insanely honored to have even stepped foot onto Rachael Ray's set and the whole thing was just bananas. The show will air on Tuesday, April 9! Here is a play by play:

Here we go...
My first time in the Hamptons!
Green Room > My apartment
Temporarily locked out. Normal.
Say what?
Hair and Makeup!

Awkward thumbs up is all I could manage at this point
Right before going on
Copies for the audience!

Just No Bake Makin with Rach!

Dear in headlights



  1. Can't wait to watch it! You look gorgeous!! Congrats!!

  2. Just saw the show...great job! I want the book now. The ice box cake looks so yummy!

  3. I saw the show today and preordered the book on Amazon! Can't wait! Wishing you much success!!!