Monday, May 20, 2013

Fancy up your pretzels

I recently made the easiest no bake treat in all the land. They are honey pretzel sticks with both ends covered in peanut butter, then re-dipped with dark chocolate on one side and white chocolate/sprinkles on the other. I've yet to come up with a name for them...I thought of  Edible Q-Tips... but yea... not so sure that works. All suggestions welcome!

Here's how it goes:
Ingredients: Honey Pretzels, Your favorite peanut butter, Dark and White Chocolate (Wilton Candy Melts recommended!), Your favorite sprinkles, nonpareils or crystallized sugar (get lost in this world here) !
Dip one end of the pretzel in peanut butter and allow excess to drip off.
Dip the same side into melted chocolate and allow excess to drip off.
Place a salad plate on top of a dinner plate. Place your pretzels on the salad plate so that the edge of the PB/chocolate dipped side is hanging off the edge. This will make them look pretty 360. (mmm good hashtag are welcome). Refrigerate until solid.
Repeat on the other end of your pretzel, dipping into peanut butter, then white chocolate, then sprinkles or crystallized sugar.

Place PB/white chocolate/sprinkle side on the salad plate so that the edge is hanging off the edge.


  1. Double-Dipped Double-Chocolate Pretzels? A little long, but no mention of Q-tips ;)

  2. Sweet and Salties!