Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today is the (PUB!) day! The book is officially born.

In celebration of the book being on sale today, I decided we should play No Bake Mad Libs. Now, this is a contest so there are many extra points given to funny answers and people who share this like crazy. Post your answers on the comment section of the blog, facebook, twitter or all three. Here's what is at stake:

-A copy of No Bake Makery (again, it's on sale today! #noshame)
-The recipe for your dream dessert featured on my blog and social media (with your lovely face included #selfiesencouraged)
-A box of your creation! (#nomnom)

Here are a couple examples of answers:

I may or may not have written this one...


  1. 1)Oreos
    2)Don't feel like it,OK?!
    3)Peanut Butter!
    5)My hubby...Maybe...

  2. 1. donuts
    2. too hard
    3. chocolate milk
    4. too much goodness
    5. my daughters

  3. Congratulations on the publication of your book, Cristina!
    I just stumbled across your blog today and may or may not be insanely delighted by the thought of recipes that even I could not humanly mess up. You have no idea how happy that makes me! Not to mention any thought of dessert automatically results in an ear-splitting grin and some crazy happy dancing from me (plus lots of weird looks from everyone around me). Hey man, no judgement is the way to go.

    So before I ramble too much, I just want to say thank you very very mucho for this giveaway! I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I LIKE DESSERT. And yes, that warranted all caps.
    Now on to my answers.

    1. SUGAR! Fine, I guess that's not really an answer...I can't narrow my choices down though! Maybe I'll go simple with a chocolate cake. Yes, that sounds good right now. With some milk. And some red velvet cake. And maybe some cookies. While you're at it, how about some chocolate covered strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and perhaps some fudge? Okay? Okay.
    2. can't. Me+kitchen=NUCLEAR EXPLOSION OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. For realz though. You know stuff is serious when it has a z at the end.
    3. peanut butter because all things are better with peanut butter. Or maybe somehow adding vegetables in that would be good. Because we all need more (ick) vegetables right? :P
    4. DREAM COME TRUE! Or maybe the Pajama Llama Samba (just because it rhymes and completely makes sense)? Oooooh what about Better than Best? Or something more serious like Diabetes Ain't Got Nothing on Me? The possibilities are endless...
    5. MYSELF. Maybe my friends if I'm feeling nice. Please compete for my affections and I shall announce a lucky sharer sometime in the future? Note that bribes and food are both perfectly acceptable. #FEEDME

    I am officially hungry now. Here's to hoping I don't eat through everything in my kitchen in hopes of satisfying my immense craving for sugar right now...

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