Tuesday, June 4, 2013

No Bake Makery does Miami

Last week I went to Miami for my hometown book launch, complete with an NBC local TV segment (watch my NBC 6 in the Mix segment here), an awesome book signing a Books & Books in Coral Gables and the best shout outs from The Miami Herald, Community Newspapers, Tasting Table and Daily Candy! I'm one lucky gal. Here are some pics:

NBC Tower! #nerdalert.
Ingredients for The Bite o Joe truffle. Used Cuban coffee this time because I make local connections like that....
My first stab at food stylin for a TV segment. Not too shabs.
Roxanne Vargas' baby is going to be born knowing how to no bake make!
I spy a man under the food processor.
Onto the book signing. Served up the Apple Granola Bite. Thank you mom for helping me make a hundo!

This lovely man is introducing me and has no idea how scared I am.
But then I show him!

I know how to fix this! I'll get my brother and sister to read FOR me.
Shouldn't have made such a good speech at my wedding. I will forever use your skills to my advantage.
My bro reading about the Sebi treat, inspired by his son Sebi! It does make some sense that he's reading...
OK, now I can have fun! (and swing my hair)

Signing so many books!
Some people were REALLY excited and even wanted tats. I know...

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